About Us

London X-Ray Associates is proud to have served London, Ontario and surrounding area for over 80 years. We have a long history of providing diagnostic medical imaging services in the community and hospitals across southwestern Ontario. We are a group of radiologists, technologists and administrative professionals who are dedicated to serving patients, physicians and hospitals in the communities where we work.

Our Mission:

To provide state of the art imaging expertise for the benefit of our patients, health care colleagues and academic community

Our Vision:

To provide unsurpassed patient care and medical imaging

Core Values:

Caring and Compassion: LXA is deeply committed to providing empathetic patient care services that respect and promote the privacy and dignity of each patient.

Collaboration: LXA will continuously strive to have effective professional relationships in all areas of its operation.

Fairness: We will incorporate this value into all aspects of our operation as it pertains to our patients, staff, partnership agreement, and in our professional practice of radiology by upholding the ethical standards of the Canadian Medical Association.

Innovation: LXA is committed to excellence and the creative and resourceful use of our skills and talents and to investing our organization’s resources wisely in order to remain innovative.

Respect: For LXA means recognizing and appreciating the dignity and diversity of our patients, other health care professionals, LXA’s staff and amongst ourselves.

Information Resources

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