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To help protect the health of our patients and staff, we ask that you refrain from visiting our facilities if you are feeling unwell. If you have an appointment and are feeling unwell, please call 519-672-7900 and have your appointment rebooked.

For patient safety, we have weight limits in place on all of our equipment. These limits are based on the manufacturers' weight restrictions. Failure to adhere to these restrictions could result in patient injury.

We do not wish to embarrass any of our patients, however we are finding that having to turn patients away after they have arrived for their examination is not the best solution. It is our hope that by following these guidelines we can prevent any embarrassment or dissatisfaction on behalf of our patients.

325 lbs 147.4 kilograms
Bone Mineral Densitometry
340 lbs 154.2 kilograms
350 lbs 158.8 kilograms

The facilities at St. Joseph's Hospital can accommodate patients who surpass these weight limits.


Please prearrange the following:
Adult supervision in the waiting room must be provided at all times for children while you, the caregiver, are having your exam completed. London X-Ray Associates staff will not be able to provide any childcare needs. We ask that all children be supervised by an adult, other than the patient, while at London X-Ray Associates.

Thank you.

Services Available: [Not all services are available at each location]

º General X-ray: Appointment required
º Bone Mineral Density (BMD): Appointment required
º Ultrasound: Appointment required
º Doppler: Appointment required
º Mammography: Appointment required
º Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP): Appointment required

To schedule an appoinment: call (519) 672-7900 - Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:45pm