We now have PDF & PSSuite versions of our requisitions available for download.

Access to our requisition site is password protected. To request account credentials please submit theform below and we will send it to you via email. Alternatively you can call 519-672-5270 option# 5 to make this request. Once you have the credentials, please use the log-in form to the right to access the requisitions.


Info for Accuro Users: You can download our Accuro formatted requisitions directly from within your Accuro application. Please contact Accuro Support for assistance, if needed.

      - General Imaging Requisition (Rev. 260318) - [Accuro version now available]
      - Ultrasound and Echocardiogram Requisition [CFM] (Rev. 051118 - Accuro version WIP)
      - Obstetrical Ultrasound - MFM Requisition [CFM] (Rev. 051118 - Accuro version WIP)

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