NOTE: This portal is not accessible by Patients. If you are a Patient and would like to have access to your medical imaging record, please enroll with our Partner site PocketHealth. Enroll Now!  If you are a physician who would like to access patient studies ordered by other physicians - please complete this form - PHI release form

Please note that LXA is an active participant in the Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Repository (SWO DI-r). If you currently have an account with SWODIN, you can securely access all of your patient images and reports through the ONEView PACS viewer, without the need for an LXA InteleConnect acccount.

Clinicians may complete the following secure webform to request access to the LXA Clinician Portal (InteleConnect).

If you already have an account, please login here: InteleConnect Clinician's Portal

Please include a private number if possible so that an LXA representative can contact you directly in a timely manner.

For Privacy and Confidentiality we encourage all healthcare providers to use their ONE Mail email address when communicating with us. As this site is secure, you can still use your regular email address but do please take advantage of the free and secure ONE Mail email account provided to you at no cost by eHealth Ontario.   
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If you have additiional physicians in your facility who would like to have InteleConnect access, please include their name under additional comments.